Brent Niles, of, and Mitch Harrison, of, are both accomplished, independent professional photographers who have partnered to form 241PHOTOGRAPHY, in order to provide exceptional, comprehensive wedding and event photography.

Our aim is simple: to document once-in-a-lifetime events fully, seamlessly, and beautifully. We believe most weddings and events are best captured through multiple perspectives, varied views, and unique compositions, all of which two photographers, with distinct styles, can skillfully provide.

We believe in documenting all facets of the wedding day experience: the bride and groom's preparation, the venue, the guests, the ceremony, and the reception, with all its various and wonderful traditions.

We believe that every moment of your wedding or event is precious, and fleeting, and because of this, it is our philosophy to provide our clients with DVDs of all proofs, so that you are not faced with impossible choices about which memories earn the right to live on in print.

If you'd like to book our services, or have any questions, requests, or silly childhood dreams regarding your event or wedding day experience, please don't hesitate to inquire. We at 241PHOTOGRAPHY are committed to helping you realize those dreams...and we would love to work with you.